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Information Council of Catalonia (ICC) | Fundació Consell de la Informació de Catalunya

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The Information Council of Catalonia (ICC) is a not-for-profit organisation that was constituted by the wishes of the Catalan Journalists’ College (CYC) in 1997. It aims to ensure compliance with the principles of journalistic professional ethics contained in the code of Ethics, which was approved by the Board of Governors of the CPC and by the Second Congress of Journalists of 1992.

The CIC obtained legal status in 1999 becoming the Foundation Information Council of Catalonia (FCIC) as a private and independent arbitration body. It operates its functions for the Autonomous Community of Catalonia. It overseas compliance with the principles and criteria of the Deontological Code of the Journalist Profession in Catalonia. As a self-regulatory body its recommendations are of a moral nature.

Membership of the CIC is composed of representatives from the world of communications, universities, foundations, professional colleges, social science institutes and social and civil Associations. The President and General Secretary are also on the Board of Trustees.

The ICC in carrying out its functions approves resolutions that are binding for parties that voluntarily accept their arbitration. Any person or entity may file a complaint. The Council follows a rigorous procedure always in accordance with its regulations. When complaints are admitted the allegations are considered by the members of the Council.


All the media included online in Catalonia (radio, press, TV, online...)


Logo - Spain (Catalonia)

Fundació Consell de la Informació de Catalunya Rambla Catalunya 10 1er pis 08007 Barcelona 93.317.19.20

Key Personnel


Roger Jimenez

Secretary General

Albert Garrido


Nuria Cornet I Turró

Salvador Alsius

Jose Luis Pons

Lluis de Carreras

Pepe Encinal

Carlos Migeul Ruiz Caballero

Josep Terés

Magda Oranich

Dolores Massot

Núria Carrera

Josep Rovirosa

Ruth Rodriguez

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