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Netherlands Press Council | Raad voor de Journalistiek

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The  Netherlands Press Council  is an independent body of self-regulation for the media, where interested parties can go with complaints about journalistic activities, which in their opinion have not been properly handled by the medium itself. The Council assesses  whether a journalist has done his job carefully and whether a publication has exceeded the limits of journalistic ethics.

At present the Netherlands Press Council is established and maintained by a foundation called Stichting Raad voor de Journalistiek. The foundation includes: 

The foundation's board appoints the members, chairmen and secretaries of the Press Council. The Press Council consists of four (vice) chairmen, ten member-journalists and ten non-journalist members. The chairman is a high-profile journalist, his substitutes are members of the judiciary. The member-journalists work in newsrooms or as editors and freelancers. And non-journalist members have different positions in the foundation. The secretary and acting secretary must work as lawyers.


Print, online, broadcasting, & social media, as long as it regards journalistic conduct.

Logo - Netherlands

Daphne Koene (secretary),
Postbus 12040 - 1100 AA

+31-(0)20 – 31 23 930

Key Personnel

Press Council secretary

Daphne Koene

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