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Julkisen Sanan Neuvosto / Council for Mass Media in Finland

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Julkisen sanan neuvosto JSN (in English: The Council for Mass Media) is a self-regulating committee
established in 1968 by publishers and journalists in the field of mass communication. Its task is to interpret
good professional practice and defend the freedom of speech and publication. JSN does not exercise legal
jurisdiction. The journalists and other personnel engaged in media who have affiliated to the JSN have, ipso
facto, committed themselves to advancing and upholding the ethical principles of the profession.

Any person who considers that there has been a breach of good professional practice by media may bring
this to the attention of the JSN. Once the JSN has established that good professional practice has been
breached, it issues a notice which the party in violation must publish within a short time span. Under
certain circumstances involving important principles, the JSN can initiate an investigation. It can also issue
policy statements regarding questions of professional ethics.

The JSN handles complaint investigations free of charge, within an average timeframe of four months.

The Council

The Council is comprised of a chairman and 13 members whose term of office is three years. Eight
members represent areas of expertise in the field of media, and five represent the public. The chairman,
whose expertise also may be in the field of media, is appointed by the Managing Group of The Council for
Mass Media, which consists of representatives of publisher associations, union of journalists, Finnish
Broadcasting Company and private media companies.

Representatives of the public are elected by the council itself. They may not be employees or board
members of any media entity. The media representatives are appointed by the Managing Group.
The framework of the JSN’s operations are stipulated in a Charter, which is signed by all the organizations
which have committed to themselves to self-regulation and accepted its objectives.

A complaint may be filed by any individual or organization requesting the investigation of a matter
concerning breach of good professional practice or the freedom of speech and publication. The JSN will not
investigate complaints submitted anonymously, nor complaints where more than three months has elapsed
since publication.


Print, online, tv and radio (but only the media that have affiliated to the basic agreement of the Council).
The Council can also review content which is published in social media by the media that have affiliated to
the basic agreement.

Logo - Finland

Fredrikinkatu 25 A 8

00120 Helsinki


+3589 135 7494

Key Personnel

Chair of Council

Eero Hyvönen


Nenne Hallman
Sakari Ilkka
Laura Juntunen

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