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The Press Council was established in 1992 pursuant to the Danish Media Liability Act. It is an independent, public tribunal which deals with complaints about the mass media.

The Council

The Press Council  consists of a chairman, a vice-chairman and 6 other members who are appointed by the Minister of Justice. The appointment of the chairman and the vice-chairman, who must be lawyers, is made upon recommendation by the president of the Danish Supreme Court, 2 members are appointed upon recommendation by the Danish Journalists' Union, 2 members are appointed to represent the editorial managements of the printed press and radio and television upon recommendation by these and 2 members are appointed as public representatives upon recommendation by the Danish Council for Adult Education. When ruling in a case, the Council consists of four members – one person from each category mentioned above. The expenses of the activities of the Council are covered by the mass media according to a scale fixed in the Council's rules of procedure.


The Danish Press Council is established by act of parliament in The Media Liability Act ( The Scope of the Act, that is stated in Section 1, is:

Logo - Denmark

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Key personnel


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