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Organisational Structure

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Logo - Organisational Structure

In what year was the organization established?

Year Established
Council Year Established
Albania 2017
Austria 2010
Belgium - Dutch 2002
Belgium - French & German 2009
Bosnia and Herzegovina 2006
Bulgaria 2005
Canada 2015
Canada - Québec 1973
Croatia 1910
Cyprus 1997
Denmark 1992
Estonia 2002
Finland 1968
France 2019
Georgia 2009
Germany 1956
Hungary 2012
Iceland 1965
Ireland 2007
Kosovo 2005
Luxembourg 1979
Netherlands 1960
North Macedonia 2015
Norway 1910
Serbia 2009
Slovakia 2002
Slovenia 1905
Spain - Catalonia 1997
Sweden 1916
Switzerland 1977
Turkey 1988
UK Impress 2016

Is there any recognition in the law (or in governmental regulations) of the existence and role of the Press Council?

In case there is a recognition of the Council in the law, is that because the organization was established by decree, or did the Council already exist when it was recognized?

What type of legal entity is the organization?

Type of organization

Is the organization responsible for the application and/or distribution process for press cards for journalists?

Do bylaws mention defending press freedom as objective?

What are the main tasks that the organization sees for itself?

One of the reasons to handle complaints is to keep the press as free as possible from governmental regulation and interference. Besides this implicit reason, does the media council actively promote the freedom of the media?

In the framework of the council’s objectives and bylaws, is it possible for the council to start an investigation into a publication? (Effectively, to make a complaint themselves?) And if so, do they use this ability?

Does the council itself monitor media content for its ethical soundness? If so, in what way?

Has the council ever been sued over any of their decisions or their handling of complaints?

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